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Tuesday 11th September 2018
Monday 2nd April 2018
Sunday 1st October 2017
The dry process pumps of the A4 and ADH series are energy- and cost-efficient solutions for demanding processes in the semiconductor, coating and solar industries.
Wednesday 5th July 2017
New controller modernised with colour touchscreen interface and EtherCAT PLC-based control system
Friday 2nd June 2017
Chinese partners deliver initial downpayment of €64.3 million
Thursday 20th April 2017
New CopperMax system can reduce plating costs by over 95 percent
Tuesday 4th April 2017
From left to right, Dr. Werner Thallner, Erich Thallner, Paul Lindner, Hermann Waltl and Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner. Source: Austrian Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy/APA-Fotoservice/Schedl.