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Each issue of Silicon Semiconductor will carry news, features and research from the full spectrum of the silicon semiconductor community. The magazine and its associated website deliver comprehensive coverage of the topics as viewed from a Technology, Business or Application viewpoint.

Silicon Semiconductor magazine provides unique insights into the global design and manufacturing supply chain. As a fundamental enabling technology, semiconductors play essential roles in every aspect of modern electronics including the Internet of Things (IoT) and its manufacturing counterpart, the industrial IoT. Whether transforming a device or system by connecting it to the internet, or by adding high-end sensors (HES) with advanced capabilities, the semiconductor market continues to expand at an accelerated pace that should surpass (USD) $400 billion. Although experts debate the long-term potential of IoT devices to reshape semiconductor manufacturing, most agree that delivering on its market changing potential will depend upon many factors aligning to affect the IoT. To handle billions or trillions of data-transmitting devices, IoT networks need to shift toward unlicensed spectrum. This in turn will necessitate more secure communications protocols and device-level security along with greater integration, lower maintenance, and ultra-low power requirements. Even while tomorrow’s growth hinges on new technologies, previous year's successes led to challenges, such as memory chip shortages that drove prices higher along with demand affecting long-term growth strategies including those of China, where 24 fabs are now under construction. 2019 is certain to bring excitement as the world continues to grow its appetite for products made possible by next-generation semiconductors. What opportunities will we see?

Silicon Semiconductor magazine delivers keen insight into new and evolving technologies. Whether the topic is growth, reversals, or product and process innovation, look to Silicon Semiconductor for greater appreciation of ways that markets and technology interact to shape tomorrow’s futures, and fortunes.

Silicon Semiconductor magazine is also distributed at various industry events throughout the year including all SEMICON events.

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