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Friday 6th October 2017
Early adopters now have a complete radar chipset including 77/79 GHz MMIC, multicore microcontroller and safety power supply
Thursday 5th October 2017
Wednesday 4th October 2017
Silicon photonics company enhances integration and manufacturing capability with Novati Technologies acquisition
Friday 29th September 2017
Redesigned wet processing tool significantly extends photoresist stripping bath life, providing dramatic savings on chemicals and disposal costs says Ryan Zrno chief technical officer of JST Manufacturing
Thursday 14th September 2017
Thursday 14th September 2017
Tuesday 12th September 2017
EV Group's state-of-the-art imprint lithography and bond-alignment technologies provide numerous benefits for manufacturing optical components at the wafer-level. Shown here is a lens wafer fabricated with the IQ Aligner® soft UV imprint lithography technology, and a bonded micro optics stack consisting of lens wafers and spacer wafers.