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Thursday 14th September 2017
Thursday 14th September 2017
Tuesday 12th September 2017
EV Group's state-of-the-art imprint lithography and bond-alignment technologies provide numerous benefits for manufacturing optical components at the wafer-level. Shown here is a lens wafer fabricated with the IQ Aligner® soft UV imprint lithography technology, and a bonded micro optics stack consisting of lens wafers and spacer wafers.
Monday 11th September 2017
Thin die being attached to flexible substrates at NextFlex
Friday 8th September 2017
In this article, Nadine Collaert (distinguished member of technical staff at imec), Anabela Veloso (principal member of technical staff at imec) and Trong Huynh-Bao (R&D engineer at imec) highlight the opportunities brought by vertical nanowire FETs and the possible device integration routes and talk about the ‘super-scaling’ of SRAM cells
Wednesday 6th September 2017