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Monday 16th July 2018
Tuesday 10th July 2018
KLA-Tencor’s new Voyager 1015 and Surfscan SP7 defect inspection systems support process and tool monitoring for leading-edge logic and memory design nodes.
Monday 9th July 2018
NanoImprint Lithography (NIL) technology qualified by leading supplier of DFB lasers into the telecoms industry
Monday 9th July 2018
Image: Subtractive etch of Ru (left): At 12 nm CD high aspect ratio of 3 and 5 meet resistance targets; Buried Ru rails (right): After high T anneal significant resistivity decrease demonstrated.
Thursday 28th June 2018
Providers of global shutter image sensors, VCSELs, injection-moulded and glass optics, and semiconductor packaging are all benefiting from market growth
Monday 25th June 2018
By Ray Bingham, Partner of Canyon Bridge and now Executive Chairman of Imagination Technologies
Friday 8th June 2018
Strong order book prompts company to realign its operating model and plan additional investments in manufacturing capacity
Monday 4th June 2018
While CMOS device scaling is being pushed to its ultimate limits, researchers at imec are also exploring alternative solutions that break away from the fundamentals of classical scaling. They are looking into disruptive technologies that could reduce cost, limit power consumption, optimize performance per circuit area or allow for very high operation throughput. With these technologies, they do not aim to replace CMOS circuits, but rather complement them in a hybrid, multi-device architecture. In these architectures, the new technologies will be used to do what they are good at, e.g. high-performance computing, or ultralow-power operation.