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Thursday 24th August 2017
Chip makers appreciate what most consumers never knew: silicon’s virtues include the fact that it “rusts” in a way that insulates its tiny circuitry. Two new ultrathin materials share that trait and outdo silicon in other ways that make them promising materials for electronics of the future. By Andrew Myers
Tuesday 22nd August 2017
First-of-its-kind SiC power modules for 3.3kV and 10kV applications developed with assistance from PowerAmerica
Monday 14th August 2017
Latest research on HfSe2 and ZrSe2 suggest they are promising materials for electronics of the future
Tuesday 8th August 2017
Optical communications expected to lead market share over the next five years
Thursday 3rd August 2017
EV Group Japan K.K. headquarters at Yokohama Business Park
Thursday 3rd August 2017
Single chip MEMS design enables integration of all LiDAR components with the exception of the lens
Thursday 3rd August 2017
Q2 2017 revenues reach $115.1 million compared to $75.3 million in Q2 2016
Tuesday 1st August 2017
Chip biometrics form one of the cornerstones of imec’s research into tight and lightweight hardware security that should help ensure the security and privacy of billions of future IoT devices.
Tuesday 1st August 2017
Company to establish new Nagano Works Chino Plant and hire 550 new employees
Tuesday 1st August 2017
Q3 revenue growth driven by industrial applications and power supplies
Thursday 27th July 2017
Apoorva Verma, technology analyst, MarketsandMarkets explains the drivers of the fast growing 3D metrology market
Wednesday 19th July 2017
North Carolina State University to use Fiji G2 ALD system in research on wide bandgap power devices, memory and sensors