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Tuesday 14th August 2018
Monday 6th August 2018
New material draws heat away from hotspots much faster than current materials, which could lead to dramatic improvements in computer chip performance and energy efficiency
Thursday 2nd August 2018
Company optimistic about longer term growth prospects since acquisition of Ultratech
Thursday 26th July 2018
Christian G. Dieseldorff is director of Industry Research and Statistics, SEMI, Milpitas, CA.
Wednesday 18th July 2018
Up 32 percent compared with €69.6 million in the first quarter of FY'18
Monday 16th July 2018
Tuesday 10th July 2018
KLA-Tencor’s new Voyager 1015 and Surfscan SP7 defect inspection systems support process and tool monitoring for leading-edge logic and memory design nodes.
Monday 9th July 2018
NanoImprint Lithography (NIL) technology qualified by leading supplier of DFB lasers into the telecoms industry
Monday 9th July 2018
Image: Subtractive etch of Ru (left): At 12 nm CD high aspect ratio of 3 and 5 meet resistance targets; Buried Ru rails (right): After high T anneal significant resistivity decrease demonstrated.