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Tuesday 23rd July 2019
New MIT facility features state of the art lab space and equipment for nanoscale research
Friday 12th July 2019
Europe’s largest free-standing research agencies jointly announced at the SEMICON West conference in San Francisco that they would cooperatively address some of the most vexing challenges of next-generation semiconductor design including device-level security, neuromorphic and quantum computing technologies. Mark Andrews, Silicon Semiconductor Technical Editor
Tuesday 9th July 2019
KLA’s new 392x and 295x optical inspection systems and eDR7380 e-beam review system support detection, identification and sourcing of critical defects for advanced logic, DRAM and 3D NAND devices.
Wednesday 26th June 2019
Tuesday 18th June 2019
U.S. Ban Takes a Toll on Huawei and on its American Memory and Storage Suppliers IHS Markit Says Micron and Western Digital contend with immediate impacts—while Huawei faces longer-term storage-supply challenges
Thursday 13th June 2019
Friday 7th June 2019
Thursday 30th May 2019
Picture credit: © Michele Simoncelli - Heat conduction in a thermoelectric illustration . Heat is the energy due to vibrations of atoms. The ridges represent the quantum vibrational energy levels of CsPbBr3, a promising thermoelectric material. Heat conduction originates from both diffusion of vibrational excitations (blurred spheres, following the energy level) and quantum tunnelling (jump between different energy levels, represented by blue waves).