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Tuesday 2nd May 2017
(Left to right) Lihua Zhang, Vitor Manfrinato, and Aaron Stein are part of the team at Brookhaven Lab's Centre for Functional Nanomaterials that pushed the resolution limits of electron-beam lithography—a technique for creating nanoscale patterns—to the one-nanometre length scale. Team members not pictured are Chang-Yong Nam, Kevin Yager, Eric Stach, and Charles Black.
Monday 23rd January 2017
The adoption process for Industry 4.0 has begun and the industry is already reaping the benefits: cost and risk reductions, performance improvements and enhanced flexibility. GD Rectifiers share with you the 5 things you need to know about Industry 4.0 right now
Monday 14th December 2015
Solar cells are generally flat. However, by adding minuscule silicon pillars to the surface, it is possible to more than double the amount of energy produced for each surface. This has been demonstrated by research by academics at the University of Twente research institute MESA+. In an article published in the scientific journal Advanced Energy Materials, they show what the optimum height and doping depth of the pillars is.
Thursday 6th November 2014